Aether Fuels

Rendering of a section of the 100 gallon per day scale demo plant under construction by Aether and strategic partner GTI Energy

Enabling a net zero world through sustainable liquid fuels.

Our approach

Our Aether Aurora technology breakthrough economically converts waste carbon into liquid fuels so industries like aviation and ocean shipping can achieve their net zero goals.

Near ideal carbon conversion efficiency

Electrified syngas generation and efficient by-product recycling enable ultra high yield.

Dramatically lower CapEx

Syngas-to-liquid costs for medium-scale plants have steadily declined, Aether Aurora delivers a now critical step change reduction in the cost of syngas generation and upgrading.

Intrinsic feedstock flexibility

From the start we engineered our solution to convert carbon from CO2, CO, and hydrocarbons (CH4 and others) without requiring any extra steps or equipment

Our technology
Aether engineer inspecting a section of the 100 gpd scale demo plant.

Aether engineer inspecting a section of the 100 gpd scale demo plant.

By 2050, aviation and ocean shipping alone will need one billion metric tonnes of sustainable fuel to reach net zero.

True sustainability at this scale, demands breakthrough economics.

Government policies and corporate sustainability commitments are driving massive demand that requires a “next gen” solution capable of economically converting abundant sources of carbon into sustainable fuels.

Aether Aurora provides the efficiency and flexibility to economically scale to meet this urgent need and unlock this massive opportunity.

Our Approach

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